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Mining Productivity Optimisation System

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Welcome to SmartMine 4IR

Welcome to SmartMine 4IR

About Smartmine 4IR

Turning mining data into mining intelligence!

SmartMine 4IR Productivity Optimisation (PO) System

Currently available in Australia and Southern Africa. Expansion plans underway for Asia and the Americas.

  • SmartMine 4IR uses machine to machine (M2M) communication data to analyse the mining production cycle in real time, to identify inefficiencies.
  • SmartMine 4IR provides actionable insights to correct those inefficiencies.
  • SmatMine 4IR's insights, when actioned will increase production output.
  • SmartMine 4IR provides visibility about what is happening in work areas.
  • SmartMine 4IR is an enabler for remote management of operations.

Smart Mine 4IR's key to success is a combination of the following primary factors:
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Monitoring +
  • Data Science Analytics +
  • Specialized Software.

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it" - Peter Drucker

About Smartmine 4IRAbout Smartmine 4IR

SmartMine 4IR Developers

SmartMine 4IR For Coal

Machine to Machine (M2M) Monitoring Example

SmartMine 4IR For Hard Rock

Machine to Machine (M2M) Monitoring Example

Key Monitoring Areas


Load Time Analysis


Haul Time Analysis


Offload Time Analysis


Cycle Time Analysis


Pay Load Analysis


Away Time Analysis


Equipment Utilisation & Usage Based Maintenance


Equipment Positional Tracking


True First and Last Active Use of Equipment


Individual Operator Performance


Other SMART Real Time Analysis Functionalities

Unique Value Points


Real Time Monitoring System


Advanced Analytics


95% Data Recovery


System live - Thermal Coal


Remote Management


OEM Independant


Expansion Capacity


Locally Supported

Recent Awards

Recent Awards
December 2020.

We are honoured and feel blessed that TAU5 AUSTRALIA is part of the CORE Hot30 Australian innovators list and even more so for receiving the ‘People’s Choice Award’!
Please read about it:

Well done to CORE Innovation Hub on a great event and start-up support program.

Thank you to the TAU5 team and our international partners Schauenburg Systems and Gendac for the hard work.

Please make sure to read all about it in the 2021 Business Tech article:


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